Do You Really Need Internet Marketing Services?

Any online business needs popularity to prosper and sustain itself despite an increasing number of competitors in its Internet market. In short, your Web site must be visible to your target customers or clients at anytime. Fulfilling this objective is not a child’s play, as it requires skills to formulate effective strategies to make your site visible to the users in different ways such as in the initial pages of the search engine results, as ads, and on the social networking sites. Therefore, if you have a Web site for promoting your business, it is inevitable to first promote that site to several prospects. To do so, you need the Internet marketing services that play a vital role in making your business a success from all angles.

Just sitting with a Website doing nothing to publicize it will not fetch you anything because of the rule: First promote the site for popularizing the business across the globe. This will increase the number of customers accessing your site so that you earn trust, profits, and long-earn relationships without any hassle. What else does a business firm want? All these objectives are well met only via proper planning and implementation. It is obvious that you alone cannot think of so many Internet marketing strategies, their implementation, and their progress. Therefore, you need to hire Internet marketing services.

The providers of the Internet marketing services will try to comprehend your business as well as goals after which they will accordingly determine how to implement the best strategies and practices for high online visibility. Based on your online goals, they will tailor the services and strategies keeping in mind the current position of your site and its content. The outcome of these services will totally depend on the goals. For example, most of these marketing services will directly result in increased traffic via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if your goal is to increase online sales. However, if your goal is to increase the awareness of the brand, the services might focus more on generating newsletters and ads rather than SEO. Therefore, it is vital to understand first your goals properly, so that you can achieve the desired outcome.

The Internet marketing services will broadly aim to optimize your online pages and offline techniques to make your site user friendly as well as search engine friendly. They will take care of all the elements right from the HTML tags to back links and from e-mail subscriptions to blogs so that your site becomes available instantly when a probable user searches for a product or service that you offer. These services mainly include identifying the required keywords, creating content accordingly, redesigning the site, creating e-mail list and sending promotional offers, making newsletters and press releases, implementing SEO, tracking the user traffic and rankings (reports), maintaining back links and blogs, creating and publishing pay per click ads, and maintenance services. In short, dynamic creation as well as maintenance of the site right from code to content is the aim of these services.

Internet Marketing Services For Online Businesses

Long before the internet was widely usable for public consumption, people didn’t mind their computer so much. But now, they can stare at it for hours in succession because of the entertainment that internet can provide. People are admittedly becoming internet dependent with their transactions as well, especially with how communication lines can remain open all day long. Internet marketing services are also becoming prominent to business owners who feel the need to expand to online operations to have a wider reach to their consumers. And you have to admit, the internet is becoming an essential part to people, whether they choose to check for updates, read articles, play games or browse almost anything.

Information in the internet can cross boundaries. You can be sitting in your living room and can reach as far as the neighbor continent with your search engine tool, and that’s how powerful and beneficial the internet has become in terms of communication and technology as well. Exposure to so many things can lead you to learn about the latest in products and services, and with online shopping also becoming easier to achieve, who knows what good finds you can purchase. Businesses see the great potential in there, as they are waiting for the chance to lure you into their site as well for the hope that you will like something enough for you to buy from them.

Search engine optimization and businesses that offer internet marketing services in line with it are raking in big bucks, and that cannot be denied with the evidence of the growing number of SEO companies. Companies can do well if they try to go along such path, because high ranking in search engines will be the key to their success, all the more with a good number of visitor hits that would equate to profit.

Searching for products and services online is very convenient for people because they can easily get results in just a matter of seconds. Also, multi sourcing is present, thus they are not limited with their information gathering. However, let us admit that whatever’s on top of the list would always be the first choice because the mentality is that it must have been placed there because of the number of people who have trusted the site. Because of this, a bandwagon effect will emerge, thus profiting becomes easy and intense.

How will optimizers know that what they are doing will arrive at the outcome needed to increase the visibility of their client’s site? Of course, good research is needed with regards to consumer behavior, as with other business strategies as well that adheres to effective internet marketing services. Since people use keywords to search for information, such phrasing and the words used will be compiled and studied to determine which are currently used. If the top earner emerges, it will be then applied to the website content so that when new searches are made, the client’s website will already appear because of the match made as scanned by search engines.

How Not To Find An Internet Marketing Company

As the owner/webmaster/developer/marketer of several highly-trafficked sites, I receive more than my fair share of spam that somehow creeps through the filters we have in place. Although the majority of the spam I receive is some variant of the usual scam about transferring large sums of money from a political refugee’s off-shore bank account to mine (some of these are pretty funny and creative), recently there’s been a huge increase in emails from marketing companies offering their services.

While I normally don’t read the spam I get, I had some free time this evening at my hotel while attending the WebmasterWorld Pubcon Expo in Las Vegas. One email in particular stood out from the rest and really got me thinking about the extremely negative effects of hiring the wrong company to market your website.

Here’s how the email goes (actual names have been changed so I don’t get sued):

Subject: Google Jagger Update


How did your rankings fare in the latest update? It’s looking like Google is heading more and more towards content. The days of tricks and hacks are over. Your website should be concentrating on 3 things to ensure long term Search Engine Rankings.

1. Site structure: This is optimization, your site, the way it is structured should be easy for search engines to read, determine what you are and find keywords.

2. Links: Continue to build links, try to avoid one-way, non-reciprocal back links if possible.

3. Content: Google is favoring sites that are large in content, and the content has to be very relevant to your industry. They are starting to lean towards ontology. If your site is about parachutes, then Google will also look for words like, plane, jump, sky, jump safety, jump companies, hangliding, para-sailing, skydiving, etc.

We specialize in these 3 strategies, give us a call if you would like to talk about the strategy of your website.

Joe Blow

Lamer Marketing

Direct: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

[email protected]


I have several problems with this email, the first and most important of which is the fact that it’s spam. If Joe really knew how to market a website as he claims, he wouldn’t have to send out spam to find new clients. Clients would find his site themselves via search engines, banner ads, text links, PPC, or other ethical forms of getting traffic.

Another big issue with this email is the inaccurate information it contains. First of all, Google has been focused on great content for a long time now, and so have the other search engines. This isn’t anything new as Joe suggests. There are so may poser SEOs out there that just don’t get it, and it can be pretty frustrating sometimes trying to find useful information in forums these days with all the noise.

Secondly, his “tip” about linking is grossly inaccurate. Joe Blow says to avoid one-way, non-reciprocal links? This is not true at all. A good mixture of reciprocal linking with authorities in your industry as well as relevant one-way inbound links appears more “natural” to the search engines. Your site should also link out to resource sites or other quality sites that your users may find useful, even if they don’t link back to you in return. It’s not about tricking the search engines. It’s also not about linking to any site that will link back to you. Your “link neighborhood” tells search engines a lot about your site and if you can’t tell what your site is about by simply reading the title of the pages that link to you, you’re doing something wrong.

After reading his email I checked out Joe Blow’s website, and it was just as I suspected. No backlinks, no content, a terrible internal linking structure, and keyword-stuffing throughout. Looks like Joe doesn’t practice what he preaches. How could anyone hire an internet marketing company that can’t even get their own site ranked well? Shouldn’t your own website be your best case study to prove your talents and earn the trust of potential clients?

If you receive spam or a telephone solicitation offering internet marketing services, delete it or hang up immediately. Legitimate internet marketing companies don’t have to resort to email spam or telemarketing to get business, they rely on the web. I cringe when I think about the companies that will respond to Joe’s offer and end up spending money without seeing results. It makes it much harder for knowledgable marketers to earn a client’s trust after they have been burned, and it gives the SEO industry as a whole a bad reputation that it doesn’t deserve.